MOTIVATION: Few strategies to improve your life Motivation is the power that activates the engine of success, and moves you to act. It is the inner power or energy that pushes towards action and achieving. Motivation is the direct function of desire and ambition. It is the urge or inner drive to convert your desire to action. If desire and ambitions are absent, motivation is absent too. Lack of motivation and Enthusiasm Lack of motivation and lack of enthusiasm are two of the main reasons for failing to achieve the best out of oneself. People lacking in motivation and enthusiasm are usually passive, dormant in action and usually exhibit the habit to pass blame. Types of motivation There are usually two different dimensions of motivation. The first one is ‘ from ‘ and other one is ‘ to’. Motivation ‘from ‘is the motivation of escape; when you would strongly like to avoid some unpleasant or unwanted scenario or event. A simple example can be, to prepare hard for exam to avoid failing to secure good marks or promotion. In case of motivation ‘to’, to prepare for exam to pass it and to get a great job. Few effective strategies to improve your life • Create small, Bite-sized goals • Read Daily • Quit thinking about the things that don’t make a difference. • Repeat affirmations Create small, Bite-sized goals : It’s very important to achieve early wins. Set milestones for short term and long term goals. Nothing motivates more than an early success. Read Daily : Transformation is a mind game. Expose your mind to some of the best ideas and information coming from the achievers or motivators. Choose your book. Quit thinking about the things that don’t make a difference : Prioritize your activity and thinking nodes. Some objects always stay out of your control circle, ignore them. Repeat affirmations: Positive reasoning is a psychological and passionate frame of mind that spotlights on the splendid side of life and anticipates positive outcomes. Attempt to see something great in each circumstance. All circumstances which you had your experience and you have to esteem them. This positive energy has two sources .One is external motivation. Someone else motivates you and fills you with positive energy .Then ,of course ,the job is easier. But what when there is no source of external motivation? Well, that’s when the real challenge comes .And that’s when you look inside your own reserves and bring out your positivity. As Rabindra Nath Tagore wrote, “Jodi tor dak shune keo na ashe, tobe akla cholo rey[‘If nobody responds to your call ,then walk it alone..’].That’s the spirit of self motivated men. Be willing and open to accept change: Try to avoid being passive, waiting for improvement to enter your life without doing anything .Take action, grab opportunities fast and be willing to change your habits and lifestyle. Dare, Don’t Be Afraid to make mistakes : Don’t worry if you make mistakes .Only people who dare ,try and persevere, complete tasks and achieve success. It is so comfortable to be passive, make no effort, and stick to the familiar. sThere is nothing more powerful than human soul on fire. You yourself is the most important catalyst to shape your life. So an amazing nature depends just on you. Have faith in yourself , buckle down, unquestionably you will get the achievement. It is conceivable to transform yourself in the most ideal manner, you simply need to have confidence in it .You know what you are, but you don’t know what you can become! Don’t miss to spend some quality time with your best person in the world “ YOURSELF”. GO GET IT. .

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